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The Organisation

Picture of girls coming out of schoolEducation For All is a legally constituted ASSOCIATION in Morocco that has been formed to help provide educational opportunities to girls in Morocco.

To provide financial support, our sister company, Education For All Morocco Limited, has now received charitable status by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. This is what the charity has been legally set up to achieve:

“For such charitable purposes as the trustees see fit in particular but not exclusively by the provision of funding for NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations) and the provision of grants and other services to enable children to attend educational establishments in Morocco”

Furthermore, Education For All is working towards Goal 3 of the United Nations Millennium Development Goal (MDG), namely to Promote gender equality and empower women. The MDG Goal 3 has as target: To eliminate gender disparity in primary and secondary education, preferably by 2005, and in all levels of education no later than 2015. See MDG website

Who is involved and how did this come about?

A group of friends many living and working in Morocco (mainly Marrakech) used to occasionally get together to have a meal. It was suggested that perhaps these occasional meetings could be formalised into a monthly dining club that would raise money for a good cause. Well, as things do, a momentum was gathered and Education For All grew out of this occasional meeting with friends.

Many people have already given their time and energy to help us get this far and raise the funds to get the first boarding houses started. Apart from a paid housemother and cook, there are no administrative expenses as both the committee and volunteers work for free allowing 100% of all donations (apart from justgiving’s charges) to go directly to the project.

The organisation also has the support and thanks of the local Governor of the Province of Al Haouz, Monsieur Bouchaib El Moutaoukil. Read his letter (in PDF)

Who is on the Committee?

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